Go karts training for childrens

We will make sure your child spends time properly.


Organization of competitions

Challenge your friends and organize a go-kart competition!


Modern karting vehicles

Only the highest quality SODI karts are used in our karts. We have SODI RT8 13AG / 9AG karts, SODI RT10 13AG / 9AG and SODI 2DRIVE 13AG karts.

Interesting circuits

We even have 2 kart tracks, which are the largest in Lithuania. Bačiūnai kart track is probably already known and our new Drift & Go kart track.

Adrenaline guaranteed

No matter how addicted an adrenaline fanatic you are, we guarantee that kart racing will give you an extremely high dose of adrenaline!

Great time spent

We will have a great time both small and big. Everyone will find entertainment for themselves. So we invite you to have a great time with family or friends. We also organize various events.

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Our gift card is a great gift for any occasion. We can assure you that both old and young adrenaline enthusiasts will enjoy the gift.

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The most modern SODI karts

Only the highest quality and safety karts "SODI" are used in our karting tracks. We even have go-karts in 5 different modifications. SODI RT8 with Honda 13AG engines, SODI RT8 with Honda 9AG engines, SODI RT10 with Honda 13AG engines, SODI RT10 with Honda 9AG engines and double SODI 2DRIVE with Honda 13AG engines. So we are sure that every customer will find the most suitable go-kart, regardless of age.

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We own

2 completely different tracks

We have 2 of the largest karting tracks in Lithuania.
The Drift & Go kart track is our new kart track, which only started operating in 2022. So everything here still “smells” of paint. The length of this kart track is 1230 m.
Bačiūnai kart track is a well-known kart track, but this kart track has been completely renovated in 2022. New asphalt was poured, the infrastructure was tidied up and of course we bought brand new go-karts. The length of this kart track is 1200 m.

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The best go kart track i ever visited.

Mantas, client

Very fast and tactical track. All the best recomendations.

Povilas, client

The fastest rental go karts which i tried.

Lukas, client


How to register?

Reservations are only recommended for larger groups. However, if you are up to 8 people, a reservation is definitely not necessary. To reserve a driving time, please contact the contact details provided.

How to enter events?

Follow the news and schedule of our events and there you will find all the necessary information about registration for the competition.

Do you work through the rain?

Yes, of course! After all, it is even more fun during the rain! Don’t be afraid, we have special rain suits, so your clothes will stay dry.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Clothing should be comfortable for you. It is most comfortable to wear looser type clothes and sports shoes. We will take care of the helmets.

How long does the one ride take?

One session / ride lasts 10min.

How many people can take the same circuit at one time?

By default, we allow up to 15 people to ride at the same time, but in exceptional cases, 20 people can ride.

What is the youngest age to go karting?

There is no age limit, but practice shows that you can go karting on your own from the age of 5-6. Also, we offer to try the SODI 2DRIVE double go-kart, in which an adult can carry a child of any age.

Are all karting vehicles for single driver?

No, you will also find double seats go-karts in our kart tracks.